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Sustainable Transparency

Harmone's Story

At Harmone, we believe in the power of transparency and responsibility in the fashion industry. Our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our business, including the fabrics we choose for our clothing. Here's a glimpse into our fabric-sourcing practices:



  • Harmone is dedicated to using eco-friendly and sustainable materials for our clothing.

  • We source organic cotton, Tencel, linen, and other sustainable fabrics that have a lower environmental impact compared to conventional materials.

Fabric Sources:

SR Harris Fabric Warehouse, Brooklyn Park Minnesota

Sarah Fabrics, Takoma Park, Maryland

Circular Fashion

  • Whenever possible, we incorporate recycled and upcycled materials into our designs, contributing to the reduction of textile waste.

  • Our commitment to circular fashion extends the life cycle of materials, promoting a more sustainable and responsible approach to fashion.



Summer of 2023, our owner hosted a sewing program entitled "Sis-stainable Fashion," intended to provide fundamental skills in hand sewing, machine sewing, fabric sourcing and design, and ethical fashion expression.

Components of the program:

  • Promote Young Women's Leadership: empower youth to be creative leaders and gain entrepreneurial and life skills.

  • Community Spaces and Conversations: Deconstructing fast fashion marketing habits and its harmful effects on women.

  • Pathways to Economic Opportunity: Encourage and guide youth to use their skills for economic benefit with brand-new sewing machines.


Harmone is dedicated to creating beautiful and sustainable fashion that aligns with our values and resonates with environmentally conscious consumers. We invite you to join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and ethical future.

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