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About Us

    At Harmone, we redefine women's fashion by embracing femininity, taking daring risks, and challenging the norms of the fast fashion industry. With over 90 million tons of garments ending up in landfills annually, we recognize the urgency to break free from the cycle of overconsumption.

    As advocates of slow fashion, we believe that fashion is not just an art form; it's a creative action. Harmone's 'art' lies in the meticulously crafted garments we design for women who prioritize quality over quantity. Our handmade pieces are more than just clothing—they symbolize a movement, uniting women who embody and reclaim their power as conscious consumers against harmful products and excessive waste.

In the realm of Creative Action, Harmone seeks to dissolve boundaries within the fashion industry, offering pathways for ethical innovators to thrive. Every product in our shop is thoughtfully designed and personally curated by our CEO. Our commitment extends beyond fashion; it's a journey toward empowerment.

    Our CEO's personal experience in creative entrepreneurship and a sewing program has revealed the barriers hindering the pursuit of creative passions. This insight fuels our dedication to creating not just fashion but opportunities for those who share our vision.

    If you're curious about the driving force behind Harmone, we invite you to connect with us. We are proudly Black-owned and HBCU grown, embodying a spirit of resilience and creativity that defines our brand.

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College Park, Maryland US

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