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5 words to Describe Myself and Business

Greetings, this is my first blog post, and I think dedicating it to introducing myself and my business is fitting!

2 words to describe myself:
1. Independent 
2. Critical

3 words to describe HARMON.E:
3. Unique
4. Chic
5. Energetic 


I love the word independent, simply because its a word that comes with controversy, usually when a woman chooses to identify herself as such. independence does not mean I want to always be alone and oil my own car, it means that when it comes down to getting something done or enduring something that is causing me distress, I depend on me and put myself first!


This is a word that has a good and bad meaning to me, because being critical allows me to work on myself and keep growing, but it can also cause me to be overcritical and develop self-doubt. Im critical of myself and others, so I tend to be a person who will tell you the truth even when it isn't what you want to hear!


onto the fun part!


I describe Harmon.e as unique because all of the pieces are original designs from my head, and are all handmade by me! Because they are handmade they take a significant amount of time, and only a dedicated person can sit in front of a sewing machine for more than 4 hours a day lmaoo! As a small business every sale counts, and I hope my packaging and websites reflect I care! Also unique because of the additives onto all of my pieces, and for the Adored. collection, all of my products come with a little heart charm stating "Made with Love"!


The word chic describes Harmon.e simply because all of my items are cute! with my currently collection and website I am experimenting with pink, one of my favor colors, and white and black. I wanted the Adored. collection to be for the girls who like to wear pink and showcase their femininity.


I chose this word to describe Harmon.e because I want to express I am a growing business and I am committed to making your experience on my website and with my products fun! I want customers to enjoy and feel supported my Harmon.e, and by me!

If you read this post, I appreciate you, and get ready because my new hobby of blogging is coming with consistency, and a range of new topics to discuss! Stay tuned in this week for a new post about 'A beginners guide to Sewing' on Thursday, 2/24 !

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